Summer Many Things Happen

Dept. of Speculation / Jenny Offill



“Dear Ms. Ainsley” / Joel Streicker (Great Lakes Review)

The Adventures of Augie March / Saul Bellow
I’m almost done with this. I feel like Bellow mastered the art of making quick transitions. Well, “mastered the art” should be invented the art. It reminds me of barroom conversations from too intelligent drinkers.


Victory / Joseph Conrad

The Walk / Robert Walser, translated by Susan Bernofsky and Christopher Middleton

The Tsar of Love and Techno / Anthony Marra

Котлован Андрея Платонова
Наконец-то, я вернулся. Ой такой хороший освежающий романчик. Особенно такие кафкаеские вопросы насчет отвлечения на работе…


The Lazarus Project / Aleksandr Hemon
Hemon bares his struggles in his work. There’s something very endearing about this.


Istina, Pravda, Ostalgie

The job of the fiction writer is to invoke verisimilitude. Real and factual research helps, of course, but the purpose should be emotional. The more abstract truth comes from the deeper meanings of stories, factual or not. The factuality of this truth is usually taken for granted, and the primary sources need not speak for themselves, even if they want to.” Little Histories29hochschild-master768

Season of Parting and Money

“Цепь” Юрия Олеши

“Lady-Maid” / Aleksandr Pushkin

“Das Manifest des Glücklichen Arbeitslosen”

“Der Verdächtige” / Jurek Becker
Fear, the state, and playing the part.

“Сны Чанга” Ивана Бунина
Bunin’s late dreams in Odessa.

The Adventures of Augie March / Saul Bellow

Poetics / Aristotle
I can’t imitate somebody who’s read it anymore.