Dog’s Heart is Alive

“Все испытал, с судьбой своей мирюсь и, если плачу сейчас, то только от физической боли и холода, потому что дух мой еще не угас… Живуч собачий дух.”

Baruch FYW Interviews Me

It was nice to be recognized by CUNY in this little interview. My teaching has already changed since last May when I did this. And such a great picture!

Go Home and Keep Going

“In the end, the girl’s scream — a fearful sound — turning into innocuous laughter can resemble the pathos of an immigrant’s linguistic misapprehension turning into bathos when apprehension comes, the drama and tension lost in mistranslation and released like ‘an arrow that landed between us, narrowly missing its mark.'” This is from my review of David Bezmozgis’ Immigrant City.

Some Her

“The Creative Process” / James Baldwin

Сотников Василя Быкова

The Mars Room / Rachel Kushner

“Notes on Craft” / Cormac James (Granta)

“Gimpel the Fool” / Isaac Bashevis Singer

“The Iliad, or the Poem of Force” / Simone Weil, trans. by James Holoka

“A Man from Warsaw” / Isaac Bashevis Singer

If Not Now, When / Primo Levi

The Autobiography of Red / Anne Carson

MFA vs. NYC: The Two Cultures of American Fiction

Eileen Chang

Bad Behavior / Mary Gaitskill