Fall Reading List 2010

Damascus Gate by Robert Stone

Bear and His Daughter by Robert Stone

poetry of John Keats

poetry of Robert Lowell

poetry of Primo Levi

“The Schizoid Problem in Creative Writing”

“El Paso” by Jayne Anne Phillips

“’Liable to be anything’ : The Creation of Joe Christmas in Faulkner’s Light in August” by Owen Robinson

“Shingles for the Lord” by William Faulkner

“Hair” by William Faulkner

“Stillness” by Charles Baxter

“Maps and Legends of Hell: Notes on Melodrama” by Charles Baxter

“Against Epiphanies” by Charles Baxter

“Rhyming Action” by Charles Baxter

The Necklace and Other Tales by Guy de Maupassant, trans. by Joachim Neugroschel

“A Story by Maupassant” by Frank O’Connor

“Country Matters” by Frank O’Connor

“L’Aveu” by Guy De Maupassant

“Bullet in the Brain” by Tobias Wolff (both versions)

“The Chain” by Tobias Wolff (both versions)

The Russian Dreambook of Color and Flight by Gina Ochsner

Runaway by Alice Munro

Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro

Going to Meet the Man by James Baldwin

The End of the Affair by Graham Greene

«Предуведомление для тех, которые пожелали бы сыграть как следует «ревизора»» Николая Гоголя

«В ссылке» Антона Чехова

«В овраге» Антона Чехова

Война и мир Льва Толстого

«Ги де Мопассан» Исаака Бабеля


“When I have fears that I may cease to be” by John Keats

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