Reading List Winter 2012

Rising Up, Rising Down William Vollmann

Old School Tobias Wolff

Lark and Termite Jayne Anne Phillips

The Marriage Plot Jeffrey Eugenides

Cane Jean Toomer

First Light Charles Baxter

“Notes on a Supreme Fiction” by Wallace Stevens

“Stone Mattresses” Margaret Atwood

“Expectations” John Lanchester

“Los Gigantes” T.C. Boyle

“Brother Osgood” David Manning

“The Mall Walker” Justin Allen

“Citizen Conn” Michael Chabon

“Haven” Alice Munro

Occupying Wall Street : the Inside Story of a Movement that changed America Writers for the 99%


Мёртвые души Николая Гоголя

Иностранка Сергея Довлатова

Snuff Виктора Пелевина

Nativity Poems Иосифа Бродского

«Шинель» Николая Гоголя

«Вий» Николая Гоголя

И дольше века длится день Чингиза Айтматова

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