Spring 2012

All Aunt Hagar’s Children Edward P. Jones

“Chapter Two” Antonya Nelson

Varieties of Presence Alva Noë

“Gods” John Wisdom

“The Birthday Party” Harold Pinter

Old and Cold Jim Nisbet

Home For Sale Leo Litwak

“Failed Prophecies, Glorious Hopes” Richard Rorty

“The Afterlife” Becky Hagenston

“What is Quakerism? : A Primer” George T. Peck

“Introducing Quakers” Gordon Browne

“An Interpretation of Quakerism” Rufus M. Jones

“How to Become a Member of the Religious Society of Friends”

“Spiritual responsibility in the meeting for business”

“Five tests for discerning a true leading” Hugh Barbour

Quaker Reader

The Waking Theodor Roethke

The Undertaking Thomas Lynch


Snuff Виктора Пелевина

Священная книга оборотьня Виктора Пелевина

Братья Карамазовы Фёдора Достоевского

«Опять на полем куликовым» Александра Блока

«Поцелуй» Антона Чехова


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