Reading List – Winter 2013

Disgrace J.M. Coetzee

Coming Out of the Ice: An Unexpected Life Victor Herman

“The Laughing Man” J.D. Salinger

“An Imitable Thirst” Copper Sloane Levy

Ulysses James Joyce

Project X Jim Shepard

“Orphic Odysseus: Mythical Method and Narrative ‘Technology’ in Paradiso and Ulysses” Joyce and Lezama Lima

The Energy of Delusion Viktor Shklovsky

“No Place For You, My Love” Eudora Welty

“Root Worker” Edward P. Jones

“Nobody Knows” Sherwood Anderson


“Tristan” Thomas Mann

Анна Каренина Льва Тольстого

«По снегу» Варлама Шаламова

«Невский Проспект» Николая Гоголя

Энергия заблуждения Виктора Шкловского

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