Reading List – Spring 2013

The Energy of Delusion Viktor Shklovsky
“The Art of Literature and Commonsense” Vladimir Nabokov
Bear and His Daugher Robert Stone
The Massacre at Fall Creek Jessamyn West
Maidenhair Mikhail Shishkin, trans. Marian Schwartz
“Homo Sapiens vs. Homo Fictus” David Jauss
“A Story by Maupassant” Frank O’Connor
“How It Was Done in Odessa” Isaak Babel

“Sonny’s Blues” James Baldwin
“The Partial Glimpse: Perspective & Dynamic Plotting” Catherine Brady
“Barn Burning” William Faulkner
“The Messenger Who Did Not Become a Hero” Douglas Watson
Collected Stories Jessamyn West
“The Model” Guy de Maupassant
Dancing In Odessa by Ilya Kaminsky
poetry by Robert Creeley
The Rough South of Larry Brown
The Code of Handsome Lake
“Indulgence” Susan Perabo
“A Visitation to the Jews…” George Fox

“Das Urteil” Franz Kafka

Анна Каренина Льва Тольстого
Энергия заблуждения Виктора Шкловского
Одесские катакомбы
Веренин волос Михаила Шишкина
“Каштанка” Антона Чехова
“Дама со собачкой” Антона Чехова
“Драма на охоте” Антона Чехова
ZOO или письма не о любви Виктора Шкловского

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