Reading List Summer 2013

“Why I Write” George Orwell A
Анна Каренина Льва Толстого A
The Essential Dykes To Watch Out For Alison Bechdel B
Maidenhair Mikhail Shishkin A
Венерин волос Михаила Шишкина
“How To Begin A Story” Dylan Thomas B
“The Fiction Writer and His Country” Flannery O’Connor A
The Energy of Delusion Viktor Shklovsky A
Энергия заблуждения Виктора Шкловского
Иностранка Сергея Довлатова A
Under Western Eyes Joseph Conrad A
“My Aeschylus” Jim Shepard B
“Snuff” Jodi Angel B
The Car Thief Theodore Weesner A
The Forsaken Tim Tzouliadis A
“A Critique of Violence” Walter Benjamin
“Why I Am Not a Christian” Bertrand Russell
“Ice Man” Elmore Leonard B
The Gray People Victor Herman
“На русско-швейцарской границе” Михаила Шишкина
“Willkommen in Z.” Михаила Шишкина (translated by Franczeska Shteklin) B
Колымские рассказы Варлама Шаламова A

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