Winter in California : Summer by another name

King Matt the First / Janusz Korczak
I’m into the routine this book has set up, the need to fill pages, it seems, that many books from before the age of sound bytes seem to have. I’m into the routine, despite having almost no routine while the holidays pass by. It’s 2015 in the Kingdom of Ian Pian.
What a great open ending! I better understood and was able to go back and adjust this essay (I only adjusted a few words in my own copy). It’s very nice to read about a child character who is not faultless, whose faults even were not all forgivable, such as when Matt kills the negotiator (this is not a spoiler).

Евгений Онегин Александра Пушкина
I’m still intrigued by Pushkin’s respect and challenge, the back and forth dynamic of it, toward the tradition. As soon as one might agree with his lampoon of the poetic tradition du jour, he reminds the reader that this is quite serious, that one needs to pay attention.
Подробности о дуэли!
Татьяна идёт вечером на полу как в песне Long Black Veil – Johnny Cash
Я дочитал, но еще прочитаю. Очень модный, как все говорили. Но все равно, старая история. Я читал дочери, чтобы она знала русский. Не каждая рифма perfect. А это самый лучший русский, что знаю. Я не забуду все подробные черты, с которыми мы страдаем в жизни.
И так, как рассказщик говорит то, что ты ожидаешь, то есть норму, а потом рассказывает, как перепетия ту норму рухнет.

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena / Anthony Marra
Сколько этого воображенно и сколько от книг настоящих солдат и людей, которые жили через вот это? Ну, надо думать о том, как правильно делать рисэрч роман. Я не говорю, что вот это сделано неправильно. Ну, у меня есть вопрос, может быть не один.

“Gryphon, by Charles Baxter” / Jeremiah Chamberlin
This is such a great “appreciation” of Charlie’s work, especially the story with which it lets the author end his own appreciation. There’s something of the end of Mrs. Bridge in that ‘goodbye…’

“The Cremation of Sam McGee” / Robert Service
An old favorite of my dad’s. He laughed, in his way, when I told him I read it.

“Die Sprache” / Martin Heidegger
“Language” / Martin Heidegger
Language speaks. What about other foreign languages? How do they speak to us, if we’re not as familiar?

Country Girl, A Memoir / Edna O’Brien
I’ve loved O’Brien for so long, and even though I often eschew such autobiographies of writers, I really wanted to know what it was like for her. I guess it has something to do with where she comes from and where she went.

Lark and Termite / Jayne Anne Phillips
The language here is so impressive, moody, inviting further. I especially like the discussion of the Language Immersion School, the way Tompkins and Leavitt respond to one another at the beginning.
Everything concrete, language the point of departure for almost all of the thoughts.
This ending was so good and reminded me of the children’s literature I read when I was still a child, something like Cormier, I think. What language, what concrete imagery, what humbly fascinating characters.

“Dead Dresses” / Rachel Cantor (Kenyon Review)
What a strange little story, reminding me of the writer Anne Perry (Juliet Hulme), whom I know of from the Peter Jackson film Heavenly Creatures. Of course, I don’t want to scare anybody, but I did make that association. Writing children’s voices is hard because it seems easy, I think. I especially like the “rooster” metaphor.

Степан Бандера: мифы, легенды, действительность Руслана Викторовича Частого

“The Lesson that You Should be Suspicious of Anything Too Clean: An Interview with Rebecca Scherm” / V.V. Ganeshananthan
I’m looking forward to reading this novel by Rebecca Scherm, who was a very good editor to me once upon a time. I like the references here, the discussion of obsessions, and the scrutiny women characters undergo.

Бабий Яр: роман-документ Анатолия Кузнецова
Вот это хороший пример сочетания истории и романов. Этика очень интересная, и я думаю, соцерзал ли он про стил и язык?

Странный союзник Марины Эскиной
My dear friend. I translated two of the poems in this collection. One is here.
Marina is truly a great poet of the Russian language, and I’m honored to have worked with her so much over the past 8 years or so and to call her friend.

Paul Celan

Paul Celan: Poet, Survivor, Jew / John Felstiner
This is a great biography, and I’m finding that I’m reading about the exact same area in my petty research as in this book. Even though so little is known of Celan’s time in the camps, it’s still so interesting to know about the lead-up to that, how his poetry adapted. I’m looking forward to reading about the Bremen Prize speech.

Одесса 1941

Odessa, 1941-1944: A Case Study of Soviet Territory under Foreign Rule / Alexander Dallin

“The Last Word” / Benjamin Percy (The Writer’s Chronicle)

“Осень у дверей” и “Тоска” Олгы Гренец (Квадрика аполлона)
Моя подруга делает что-то очень интересно с первым рассказом. Азартный ли?

“How to Tell a True Resistance Story: Fiction and History” / Hillary Moses Mohaupt (Writer’s Chronicle)
Thank you for the great references.

The View from Castle Rock / Alice Munro
I had trouble with the first story in this. But I’ll keep going, because I love Alice Munro.

Brother of Leaving / John Freeman
This is a brother of mine, this leaving one. Johnboy Freeman and I go way back to sharing work in the Allen Park Coney Island.

Палата No. 6

Палата Но. 6 Антона Чехова
Каждое начало должно быт таким.
Предупреждение это? По крайней мере, как эта история устроилась так тонко, что это же страшно.

The Good Soldier / Ford Madox Ford
Same here. That first sentence puts a lot of pressure on the story. But perhaps that’s how it should be.

The Art of Stillness / Pico Iyer
I read this and stopped and looked out the window and read some more. This has been coming up in my life more and more, having to do with Taiji practice, with being a parent. Last year was the busiest in my life, and now my life has become completely different. If I don’t take a moment to stop and breathe, I’ll suffocate.

Eimi / e.e. cummings
What a weird little travel journal. How funny to hear cummings’ strange linguistic imagination up against the Russian language.