When Winter Abandons Us

Золотой теленок Ильфа и Петрова
Вьюга шуток…

Feast of Love / Charles Baxter
What a wonderful book. But I feel behind having read it now. I love Baxter’s many voices. And, this is my homeland, this setting. I kind of feel like Harry is too self-consciously Jewish. I know there’s a lot of anxiety about portraying a Jewish person or any ethnicity the author’s not a part of. Harry’s also my favorite. I’m really vulnerable right now, so this is all sounding pat.

States of Motion / Laura Hulthen Thomas
My interview here.

The Adventures of Augie March / Saul Bellow
I love Bellow’s style, even though I can’t read it at the end of the day, when my brain’s used up.

Лавр Евгения Водолазкина