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Spring 2014

Middlesex / Jeffrey Eugenides

“Февраль” Захара Прилепина

Герой нашего времени Михаила Лермонтова

Waiting for Godot / Samuel Beckett

“Октябрь” Эдуарда Лимонова

“Marlinspike” / Tom Paine

The Theater of the Absurd / Martin Esslin

“Astonish Me” / Maggie Shipstead

Tenth of December: Stories / George Saunders

Long Day’s Journey Into Night / Eugene O’Neill

“She Lived Hard and Fast and Could Never Love Me” / Robert James Russell

Blood Will Out / Walter Kirn

Long Day’s Journey Into Night: Native Eloquence / Michael Hinden

The Birthday Party / Harold Pinter

“Call Sign Scorpion” / Antonio Genovese

A Confederacy of Dunces / John Kennedy Toole

Pinter: The Playwright / Martin Esslin

Benito Cereno / Hermann Melville

“Scars and Dirt: Why I Teach the Modular Story” / Christopher Lowe (Fiction Writers Review)

“Numbers Up” / Matt Walker (The Brooklyner)

“Little Saint At Home” / Marvin Shackleford (The Brooklyner)

“Since Like Forever” / Z.Z. Boone (The Brooklyner)

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead / Tom Stoppard

A Confederacy of Dunces / John Kennedy Toole

“The Sugar Bowl” / Memory Blake Peebles (Ploughshares)

Das bedingte Selbst: Familie, Identität und Geschichte im zeitgenössischen Generationenroman / Markus Neuschäfer

Journey to the End of the Night / Louis Ferdinand Celine

Подросток Савенко Эдуарда Лимонова

“The Signature of All Things” / Elizabeth Gilbert (One Story)

“Everything is Breaking News: An Interview with A.M. Homes” / Rebecca Scherm (Fiction Writers Review)

“Against Meaning: On Outpunting One’s Coverage and Achieving Greatness Anyway” / Michael Byers (Fiction Writers Review)

Words Will Break Cement: the Passion of Pussy Riot / Masha Gessen

“Language” / Martin Heidegger

“Die Sprache” / Martin Heidegger

“The Challenge” / Gabriel García Márquez (New Yorker)

“ReMem” / Amy Brill (One Story)

Language Behind Bars / Paul Celan, trans. by David Young
I picked this up to read with some tea. It reminded me of how rusty my German has become. Young’s introduction demonstrates the obsessive nature of a translator. Reading Celan has never been an easy task for me, not the thing you do when you sit down with some tea on a hiatus from tidying the apartment.

Flamethrowers / Rachel Kushner
This has been burning a hole in my reading list since I saw Kushner read at AWP 2014. It’s been sitting on the edge of the shelf with that 70s porno-esque cover. I started it last night before sleep, unable to help myself any longer. The first battle scene has already flipped me over and made me tremble.
Now it’s intimidating me. Sentence fragments work well here, not as gimmicky as they sound elsewhere. Her metaphors all draw one into the Americana atmosphere. There’s a sense this is a spooky dream on the brink. A nightmare comes in the end of the second chapter, but it still feels as necessary as if I had not expected it. What strikes me are the insights of the characters, who are not at all sentimental but also not too dark for school.
Other obligations are keeping me from reading this, and it hurts. I gave my copy away and bought another. It doesn’t matter, electronic or not.

The Flamethrowers by Rachel Kushner

Предподаватель симметрии Андрея Битова

The Betrayers / David Bezmozgis
Here’s my review.