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Influences on *Two Big Differences*

When I finished Torrey Peters Detransition, Baby, I read past the ending into Peters’ “Top 10” influences on her fantastic novel. Peters had released books before, but she had never experienced the mainstream success that Detransition, Baby has enjoyed. It was a good model, so I made my own list, except that, in true odd fashion, it’s 11 books (and I make no claim whatsoever as to it being complete).

You can see it here on the website 2bigdifferences.page.

2 Russian Poems

It is a blessing to be able to work with Russian poems such as those of Marina Eskina. These translations have been foundational in my attempt at understanding Russian. My favorite is the poem about a father’s funeral:

How we buried you I don’t remember,
how the casket was lowered into the hole
my eyes don’t know.
It was a summer day. Those who stood there…
I don’t recall,
for dreams now.
Since then, no matter whom
I bury, I bury you.

-“How We Buried You I Don’t Remember” by Marina Eskina, trans. by Ian Ross Singleton

An Interview About a Translingual Novel

“Even though the novel is mostly presented in English, I kept returning to the question: what’s the linguistic background of this book? I’m thinking of your original question here—if this book is a translation, what would the original language of this book have been?” –an interview in Fiction Writers Review

The cover of Two Big Differences

Two Big Differences: Baruch English Reading

Two Big Differences presented by Seth Graves, Evan G. Smith, and Ian Ross Singleton

My colleagues and good friends gave their takes on the novel. It was so good to hear that what I hope to do with this work has come true to an extent. Thank you, Seth and Evan!

Two Big Differences

​My novel Two Big Differences has been published by Издательство MGraphics. You can get it here. Please take a moment to hear me when I say that this dream has been a long time coming.

I started it in 2012. It’s older than both my children.

Many of those I thank in the Acknowledgments are gone now.

It has taken a long time.

The website linked above is a supplement to the book, a space connected to the book. If you would like to say something about the book, I can publish it in that space. I’m eager to hear your thoughts. Or you can let somebody else know about it.

Thank you.