About Ian Ross Singleton

Ian Ross Singleton is author of the novel Two Big Differences. He is a professor of Writing at Baruch College and Fordham University and an alternate delegate in his union, the Professional Staff Congress. His short stories, translations, reviews, and essays have appeared in journals such as: Saint Ann’s Review; Cafe Review; New Madrid; Midwestern GothicFiddleblack; AsymptotePloughsharesThe Los Angeles Review of Books and Fiction Writers Review. His short-story collection manuscript Grow Me Up and Other Oaths was a finalist for the 2020 Tartts Fiction Award. He judged the 2017 Hopwood Award contest at the University of Michigan. Ian has taught Creative Writing and Literature for New York Writers Workshop, San Francisco State University, Cogswell Polytechnical College, the Prison University Project, and the PEN Prison Writing Program.

“Инь и ян” is the Russian way of saying yin and yang as well as the two most common ways Russian speakers pronounce the name “Ian.”

The name Singleton came from southern Ireland to Canada and immigrated to the United States with Ian’s father in the 1950s.

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